Blast Off into Breakfast with Augmented Space Battles on Every Box!

Step into a universe of flavor and excitement with Berryliscious Crunch by Lion Crest – the cereal that fuels your mornings and launches you into epic space battles!

Galactic Fury - where Breakfast meets Adventure!

Join the Galactic Battle – it’s your ticket to intergalactic adventure! Each box comes equipped with an augmented reality spaceship battle game, allowing you to pilot your own spacecraft and engage in thrilling battles against cosmic foes. Simply scan the the package to unlock the game and immerse yourself in a world of action and excitement.

Highscores - Compete for Cosmic Supremacy:

Think you have what it takes to be the top pilot in the galaxy? Put your skills to the test and compete for the highest scores in the Berryliscious Crunch leaderboard! With each enemy you defeat and each level you conquer, you’ll earn points and climb the ranks to become the ultimate space-faring champion. 

Can you rise to the top and claim your place among the stars?

Coming Soon: - New Challenges, New Adventures

But the adventure is just beginning – stay tuned for exciting updates and additions to the Berryliscious Crunch game! We’re always working on new challenges, new enemies, and new ways to keep you entertained. 

So keep an eye on this space – you never know what cosmic delights await in the world of Berryliscious Crunch!

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