Take your taste experience to a whole new level with the exquisite Lion Crest Plant Protein Power Patties!


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If you‘re looking for a ground-breaking way to combine delicious indulgence with plant-based power, your search is over. Inspired by nature and driven by the idea of enjoying healthy food in a delicious way, we at Lion Crest have created these extraordinary Power Patties.

Each bite is a journey through flavors that come together harmoniously to create a truly unique symphony of taste. 

But we offer you more than just a culinary experience. With an impressive plant-based protein content, our patties are the answer to your answer to your energy needs. Whether you’re hosting a party, longing for an adventure or simply want to enrich your day with good food Lion Crest is with you every step of the way.

But Lion Crest is about more than just delicious food.

We are proud to be part of a movement that stands for conscious consumption, sustainability and animal welfare. Every bite you take of our power patties is a statement for a better world

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